Welcome to the Toika Looms Studio. Our range of floor looms is built to order in Toika’s factory in Finland. Here you can specify your perfect floor loom and request a quotation for delivery to your home or studio. There are three basic models: Jaana, Liisa and Eeva. Each can also be configured with ES, Toika’s computerised loom dobby.

Want to buy a ready-made table loom, shuttle, reed, stretcher or other weaving equipment? Visit the Weaving Looms website.

How to configure your perfect loom

All of our floor looms are hand built to order, which maximises your options when you specify your new loom. We will quote you a complete price including accessories and delivery to your UK home or studio address.

Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3!

Step 1


Choose your floor loom model: Jaana, Liisa or Eeva.

Decide if you want it computerised with Toika’s ES.

Step 2


Specify the options you want to add from our list.

Need something else? Type in your additional requirements.

Step 3


Add your loom to the quote request list. You can add more than one if you want!

Submit your quote request list to receive our quotation.

Take a look at our floor looms


A very compact loom which allows a full countermarch loom in a home or small studio.


Descended from the original Toika, Liisa is a solid and reliable countermarch loom.


A large traditional Scandinavian loom for weaving all projects from light fabrics to rugs.

Need a compact floor loom?

Laila is not only compact, she also folds to occupy even less floor space! Available with four or eight shafts.


Toika ES Upgrades

Did you know that you can upgrade selected Toika, Glimåkra and Öxabäck looms to the Toika ES computerised loom dobby?