Liisa Countermarch Floor Loom

Please read the description of Liisa and her options below.

You can specify your Liisa options before adding to the quote request. You can add Liisa to your quote request more than once with different options if you wish – we will quote each combination for you.

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The Toika Liisa Countermarch Loom is available in weaving widths 80, 100, 120 and 150 cm (approx. 31 1/2″, 39 3/8″, 47 1/4″ and 59″).

Liisa is supplied with standing  beater and a standard Liisa bench. The cog wheel tensioning system is fitted as standard on the Liisa. This means the weaver can advance the warp from the bench and adjust the tension to their exact requirements.  We call this the  “Goldilocks Tension System”.  Available only on  the  Liisa and Eeva floor looms, the  tension on your warp can be adjusted by  millimetres instead of  relying on a standard cog wheel only system. The connected worm gear means you, the weaver have infinite control over  the tension  meaning you can get the tension “just right”!

You can also visit Toika  Loom Studio to see and try Toika table and floor looms. We have Laila set up with a top of the lamms tie up, Jaana and Eeva both with ES electronic systems as well as Leena and Siru, Toika’s table and rigid heddle looms. No obligation visits are very welcome by appointment only. We are based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire close to Junction 19 of the M1 and Junction 1 of the M6. Please get in touch to arrange to visit.  We look forward to seeing you.

Toika looms are made from beautiful Finnish Birch. This hardwood is air and kiln dried before being made into looms. The countermarch tie up gives a large shed with light treadling regardless of the tie up without the need for elaborate engineering. The side pieces of the Eeva are built in the factory and supplied in one piece. The loom is delivered in a plywood crate to accommodate this and ensures the loom arrives without damage. The simple and traditional construction of the looms means they are straightforward to build, exceptionally sturdy, and capable of weaving anything from fine lace to sturdy rugs and everything in between.

Traditional style looms like Liisaa can also be tied up in the less traditional way to allow changing of the tie up to be made from the lamms rather than the treadles. This eliminates almost all of the crawling under the loom that is required on most floor looms. If you would like information on this method ask us when you order your loom.

In addition to the above we supply all Toika Looms with the following minimum specification:

  • A minimum of 100 Texsolv heddles per shaft as ordered
  • A pre cut Texsolv tie up set, or Texsolv cord and pegs to set up using the top of the lamms method.
  • A stainless steel reed in the dent size of your choice
  • Cloth aprons to both warp and cloth beams (unless a sectional beam is ordered)
  • Plywood crate and delivery to a UK mainland address
  • A standard Liisa bench

You can amend this to suit your requirements and can also add or change to any of the following options for your loom at the time of ordering:

  • Hanging Beater
  • A second warp and back beam with a second tension system
  • Sectional warp and back beam (as second beam) with a second tension system
  • Sectional rails (converts a plain beam to sectional)
  • A fly shuttle system
  • Extra reeds and heddles
  • An adjustable height bench
  • Warp sticks
  • Extra treadles
  • Liisa  can be both retro fitted or fitted from new with an ES  system

Additional warping and weaving equipment as listed in the Toika catalogue. This downloadable catalogue also contains diagrams and  measurements of  all of the Toika floor looms on this website.

Please note additional equipment ordered with looms is unlikely to increase shipping costs significantly, if at all as there is usually space in the crate. Items ordered separately will incur additional shipping  charges, we will notify you of these before you place an order.

All Floor loom prices are based on  a recent average of Euro to Pound rates. Prices are confirmed when you are ready to place your order. 

Toika looms are made to order and always to the customer’s specification. Manufacturing continues throughout the year. The quote will be adjusted  once we have spoken with you to establish your exact requirements. The crate, delivery and insurance are  included in the cost.   Delivery is usually between 6-12 weeks from the date of order confirmation.

Liisa can also be supplied with the Toika ES electronic dobby system, instead of a countermarch and  treadles. More information is available about this in the descriptions of these looms.

We think it is very important to discuss your requirements with you before you place an order and will be in touch with you when we receive your quote request. Once we have confirmed your specific requirements we will supply you with an accurate quote.


Additional information

Weaving Width

100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 80cm


12 shafts, 4 shafts, 8 shafts


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